December Flower of the Month: Oriental Lily

December’s featured flower is the extravagantly fragrant and beautiful Oriental Lily. It is a top ten best seller worldwide for good reason; with its dish-sized blooms, and a fragrance that can easily fill a room. These stunning flowers are a long lasting and elegant choice that makes a statement in any arrangement or on their own. 

While the Oriental variety is only one of a hundred varieties in the genus Lilium, these are the only ones used to scent many products like soaps, perfumes, candles and lotions. Its oil is healing and skin softening and revered by the ancient Greeks who called it Leiron, meaning milk of Hera. This symbolism carries out their beliefs about Hera- motherhood, purity, rebirth and good luck.

Lilies are among the oldest known and cultivated plants. Carved images of them have been found in Europe dating back to 1580 B.C.! They are now commercially grown year round, but their prime season lasts from spring through autumn.

All varieties of Lilies are highly toxic to cats, including the water in which they sit, so please consider your furry friends before bringing Lilies into your home. La Fleur always has white Oriental Lilies which are closely related to the popular Stargazer Lily. Stop by and grab a bunch because just these stems of Lilies alone make a beautiful arrangement or pared with other blooms...always a great choice.