Flower of the Month- Ranunculus

August’s flower of the month is the lovely Ranunculus, also known as Buttercup. A current symbol of affection and ever-lasting love. It was also used in the Victorian Era to indicate charm and attractiveness, making the Ranunculus a perfect flower for weddings, anniversaries and some good old-fashioned self-care.

A member of the Ranunculaceae family, there are over 600 species of Ranunculus. The cultivated Ranunculus’ found at La Fleur are generally of the Persian Ranunculus variety. The delicate, paper-like petals of a typical Ranunculus number between 100-130 per flower! They come in a multitude of colors from white to pink to magenta to peach to deep purple.  Ranunculus means “little frog” in Latin, rana means frog and unculus is a diminutive, due to growing along streams in spring along with spring frogs.

We will be carrying a variety of colors of Ranunculus throughout the month of August for your enjoyment