July Flower of the Month: Spray Rose

Let’s celebrate the miniature, or Spray, Rose this month.

These diminutive relations to the more common single Rose were first bred for the floral market use in the early 1960s by Peter Ilsink in the Netherlands. Originally they began being bred for ground cover roses but then realized along the lines of the miniature carnation and chrysanthemum, that the spray rose had a place also. He started with two variations and eventually ended up with a complete rainbow of colors. These are now grown worldwide for us to appreciate.

Spray Roses have a cluster of blooms on each stem , ranging from 3-5 flowers. These clusters are called an inflorescence, with each rose containing between 8-45 petals. Unlike the single rose, miniature roses typically fully open and remain that way for the duration of their vase life, 7-10 days.

Like the Roses they were bred from, the colors hold the same symbolic meanings- red for romance and love, yellow for remembrance and friendship, pink for appreciation and gratitude. Interestingly enough, spray roses are members of the rosaceae family , which also includes peaches, plums, cherries and strawberries. Making them a perfect summertime flower. Another fun fact, Spray Roses, unlike there big sisters, are usually unscented.

Spray Roses add tremendous beauty and bulk to any small arrangement. Stop by this month and we can make an arrangement with them just for you!