November Flower of the Month: Cremon

The official birthday flower for November is the Chrysanthemum and we will focus on the Dutch-bred version, the Cremon, our November Flower of the Month.  Cremons come in Autumn colors of orange, bronze, tan, gold and yellow, but can be seen year round in pinks, creams, peach and purple. Their Autumn colors make them a beautiful addition to rustic arrangements. Cremons are a tighter, more ball- shaped flower than other Mums with slender, flatter petals radiating outward from the center. Similar to other Chrysanthemums, they have a large bloom but with softer outer petals. They are an affordable choice and a excellent alternative to Dahlia’s. And like all Mums, they are long-lasting, with a vase life between 7-14 days.

The origin of the Chrysanthemum is in China as far back as early 15th century B.C.. It was used there as a flowering herb to treat headaches, food consumption and the leaves were brewed for a special drink. Around the 8th century A.D. the Chrysanthemum appeared in Japan. They were so taken with the flower that it was adopted as the crest and official seal of the Emperor. At the end of the 17th century, Dutch merchants introduced Chinese Chrysanthemums to Europe and the Cremon was born.

The Cremon is truly a beautiful, vibrant addition in the Chrysanthemum family. Stop by through the month to see our selection of not only Cremons but other members of the Chrysanthemum family. And check out our featured arrangement of the month, Sophia, which is stock full of Cremons.