September Flower of the Month: Thistle

This month we did something different and invited our Instagram and Facebook followers to vote for their favorite flower to showcase as the September Flower of the Month. From the choice of Novi Belgi Aster, Statice and Blue Thistle, Blue Thistle was the most requested. So without further ado...

This beautiful and prickly flower is the National Flower of Scotland. The wild growing plant helped to save Scotland from Norse invasions in the 1200s, so the story goes.  A Norse  warrior stepped barefoot on the thistle and screamed in pain waking the Scottish Clansmen.  Since then, Thistle has adorned the Royal Arms of Scotland, appeared on Scottish coins and has been regarded as a flower of good luck, bravery, courage and strength. The spiny leaves not only save the day but also protect the plant from being eaten by wildlife.

Blue Thistle prefers a temperate climate and grows wild in Europe, North Africa and North America. It thrives in full sun and is extremely drought tolerant. It has gotten the bad reputation of being a weed due to it’s prolific ability to spread across fields.  It is one of the top ranked pollinator plants in the UK and Monarch butterflies rely upon it during their yearly migration. It blooms from late Spring into early Autumn and is cultivated year round. As part of the Asteraceae Family, Thistle is related to the Daisy and Asters in the Cirsium Genus, which has over 1,600 genera.

The Blue Thistle symbolizes strength, and is a representation of overcoming adversity and difficult situation. This makes it a great addition to arrangements ordered for family or friends who might be struggling with something. And it is considered good luck- who couldn’t use some of that?!?