Flower of the month- Rose


So you may say February is the month for Roses, but we thought we would give a review for what you received in February. The Rose is one of the most beloved flowers of all time, with their velvety and numerous petals. The February holiday of Valentine’s Day is typically represented with the red Rose however Roses come in so many different colors, solid and bicolored, and available year round. The only color not seen in a Rose is the color blue.

Types-There is the traditional Tea Rose which everyone is familiar with and there is the Garden Rose. Garden Roses are prized for their typically grand size and terrific, delicate fragrance. 

Family- The Rose is part of the Rosaceae family in the subfamily Rosoideae which interestingly carry many of the berry plants; strawberry, blackberry, raspberry... The Rosaceae family contain many of the fruit plants in which the Rose is considered.

Origin- Most rose species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers being native to North America and a few to Europe and northwest Africa.

Flower Care- Roses typically have thorny stems so be careful when handling them. We always carefully remove the thorns from our Roses.  As usual, cut the stem at an angle before putting in water. At all times watch the water level. Roses are a flower which drinks a lot.

Fun Facts- You can eat Roses! Beauty and functionality! Their petals are edible and they grow a berry-shaped fruit called Rose Hips which are packed with Vitamin C. The Rose is the U.S. National Flower! Declared so by President Ronald Reagan.  Roses are one of the oldest flowers. Archeologists have discovered Rose fossils dating back 35 million years.  And the oldest living Rose is 1,000 years old!! It grows on a wall on the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.

Stop by and check out our varieties of Roses...we always have red but try to change up the assorted varieties we carry.