Flower of the month- Stock


A remarkable flower to celebrate the fresh new year is the lovely scented Stock. It is know as a symbol of a happy life because of it’s aromatic quality. Stock has a long, stalk-like stem with thick clusters of florets which bloom on slender stems running down the top of the main stem. Stock blooms from the bottom up, so when using, pinch off any spent blooms from the bottom.

The stem of Stock has fine fuzz (which led to the name Hairy Stock) that can decompose and leads to Stocks extreme susceptibility to mildew. Changing the water frequently and recutting the ends is extremely important with Stock.  Since the stem of Stock is so sturdy the removal of leaves is very easy. Just place your thumb, index finger and middle finger at the top, just below the blooms, and swiftly slide your fingers downward.

Interestingly, Stock belongs to the same family of flowers as cabbage, known as the Brassicaceae family. This leads to Stock being an edible flower with a radishy flavor however the leaves, stems and roots are not edible. If you are tempted to try a taste be sure and purchase the organically grown Stock and not the preservative treated Stock in your favorite flower shop. Stock comes in many vibrant colors from white, soft pastels, bright pinks, dark rick plums and varying shades of purple. They are loved by all because of their sweet smell and fullness of the bloom clusters.

Stop by and treat yourself to the sweet scent and vibrant color of Stock to bring a fresh start to your 2022!