Flower of the month- Anthurium

It is December and that means it’s time for all of the Christmas flower arrangements to contain reds, whites and greens. While many flowers are used during Christmas such as red and white Roses, green mojito Hydrangeas, one of the most recognizable Christmas season flowers is the Anthurium.  The most commonly seen is the red Anthurium, pictured above. Let’s learn more about this distinctive, elegant flower.

Family: Anthurium is part of the Araceae family. The members of this family are flowers which are created on a stem which is called a spadix. The Anthurium spadix is accompanied by a vibrantly colored, waxy, heart shaped leaf or spathe.

Types: Anthuriums do come in the typical colors of red and green but are also available in a variety of other colors. There are 2 sizes of the flower, a larger and smaller version.

Origin: Anthuriums are native to Mexico and some parts of Central and South America.

Flower care: Do not refrigerate or store at temperatures below 59F, due to their intolerance of the cold. They need high humidity so mist after a few days. Look for flowers devoid of blackened edges which indicate cold damage. They are very long lasting flowers so no need for the flower preservative packet to be used if your vase only contains Anthuriums.

Fun facts: Anthuriums have no fragrance so no need to worry about guest’s sensitivity to scents.  The spathe is not the flower…the flowers are the tiny bumps on the spadix. The spathe is there to protect the flowers. The Anthurium is also known as the Flamingo Flower because of its unique shape and prominent spadix.

So enjoy your Anthuriums for Christmas or anytime of the year! We will be carrying Anthuriums all through December and because they flower throughout the year we can order for you at any time.