Flower of the month- Gladiolus


Want an easy way to make someone glad….give them some colorful and dramatic Glads- Gladioli!  Gladioli are tall sword-like flowers with funnel shaped, vibrantly colored blooms on one side of a thick stem. Gladiolus is a perennial in the iris family (Iradaceae).

Types- The main differential of Gladiolus types is in the color of the bloom. Gladioli come in a large variety of colors, including some bi-colored and variegated varieties.  They are available in almost every color except a true blue. A Gladiolus blooms from the bottom to the very top.  Usually, the very green top tips never open.

Origin- Gladioli originate from Southern Africa where they were found in the wild and were of notable size. In the 18th century Gladioli were heavily exported from South Africa to Europe.

Flower care- Gladioli have a fairly good vase life. As the flowers blossom upward the spent blooms from the bottom can be pinched off to keep your Gladiolus looking fresh. The tip of the Gladiolus can be snapped off like a green bean to either just remove the un-blooming tip or this will bring about faster opening of each blossom.

Fun Facts- The name "gladiolus" is derived from the Latin "gladius" which means sword. In Rome, Gladioli were associated with gladiators. Because of their association with gladiators, the Gladiolus flower meaning is strength and integrity. In South Africa, where they were discovered, the Gladioli were used as food by the population and mixed in biologics.

Stop by to make yourself glad or someone else glad with some Gladioli! Gladiolus will be highlighted in a special Flower Arrangement of the Month selection on our website in the online ordering….check it out