Flower of the month- Craspedia aka Billy Balls


Fall is here!! Hooray!! An interesting bloom to add to your fall arrangements is Craspedia, more commonly known as Billy Balls. They are bright yellow globe-shaped flowers, on top of a sturdy tall, stiff stem which has no leaves. Try to imagine very tall yellow lollipops! These are excellent for adding a visual flair and texture to any grouping of flowers.

Billy Balls originate from Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. They symbolize good health. Billy Balls have no fragrance and a very long vase—2 weeks or more! Billy Balls also dry very well. The best procedure to dry flowers is to hang them upside down in a cool, dark place with good air ventilation. Once dried, Billy Balls can retain their gorgeous color for a year or longer. After drying place them around your harvest and fall decorations to add unusual texture and visual joy! Enjoy the “slightly” cooler weather with some definitely cool Billy Balls.