Flower of the month- Safari Sunset Protea


Great stems to finish out your fall arrangements is the stunning Safari Sunset, which is part of roughly 80 species of Leucadendron. This stem is part of the Leucadendron evergreen shrub which is a favorite among florists and gardeners. The Safari Sunset Protea is a tall and narrow leafy stem with oblong leaves running up the stem and finishing with a small cone at the tip. The color of the Safari Sunset Protea is usually a rich red/brown near the top with green leaves near the bottom.

Family- The Safari Sunset Protea is part of the Proteaceae  family. The Proteaceae family has many unusual members. Safari Sunset is a little less unusual as opposed to the Pin Cushion Protea or the King Protea. The Safari Sunset can grow up to 8-7 feet tall. The stems we carry in the cooler are 3-4 feet. This height adds a dramatic element to any arrangement.

Origin- Safari Sunset originated in South Africa with some reports as well in New Zealand.

Flower Care- Safari Sunset is a very long lasting stem with vase life that can be more than two weeks. It is important to remove the leaves below the water line.

Fun Facts- A common name for Safari Sunset is Conebush due to the cone which develops on the tip. In the floral trade they are considered a cut-green or foliage rather than a cut flower despite their beautiful red tones.

Safari Sunset is available year round but particularly robust in the fall. This make them a wonderful addition to those fall arrangements. Stop by the shop and add the dramatic flair of Safari Sunset to your next arrangement.